Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Peek at a Princeling

Amir in Grand Bazaar, like Will in Sunshine Islands, is a Character who is not introduced into the game immediately. Like Will, he has a very long name and a privileged background. The similarities end there, however. Where Will had an easy, open manner with strangers, Amir is a little reserved at the start.

As a 'prince from a faraway land', Amir has two names that actually translate to royal titles. 'Amir' is Prince in Arabic. 'Raj' is King in more than one language in India. He has the long silver hair that is so attractive in Harvest Moon bachelors but the resemblance to Skye or Vaughn ends there as his skin has a dusky hue.

You should be introduced to Amir for the first time by Felix on 3 Winter. He will stay in a guest room on the upper floor of the Hotel. Although he will accept flowers politely, he really loves Milk. By Winter in the first year, you ought to have at least one Cow who gives Milk daily.

If you court Amir, you will have no Rival for his affections. The same is true with respect to Emiko. Amir is added to the list of Eligible Bachelors if your Character is a Girl and Emiko will be added in the second year to the list of Eligible Girls if your Character is a Boy.

Although Heart Events occur only if Amir/Emiko is Eligible for Marriage in your Game, there are some Friendship Events that can be experienced even when the Character is not Eligible for Marriage. These will be found in my Characters Guide when I have time to include all of them.


  1. Milk? That's weird. Do you know if your playing a boy if it's Emiko that comes? I apriciate your help!!!!!!!

  2. Amir and Emiko appear no matter your gender.

  3. He really loves tofu, too...

  4. Amir also likes cooked rice.

  5. hm.. like a cross between skye,vaughn,will,and denny. all the best bachalors in there games. (in my opinan anyway) love your guildes