Monday, September 27, 2010

Easiest Gifts List

Although each Individual in Harvest Moon/Rune Factory has specific Likes and Dislikes where Gifts are concerned, it can be convenient to give more than one Character the same Item, especially when storage or rucksack space is limited. Furthermore, although each Character has a 'Most Favourite Gift' worth +800 AP/FP, the simple act of 'meeting and greeting' any Character is worth +100 FP. A Gift he/she Loves is worth +150 AP/FP in Grand Bazaar, rather than the usual +300 AP/FP in other Harvest Moon games. An 'acceptable' Gift is worth +50 AP/FP. It therefore is better always to go to the trouble of meeting and greeting a Character daily even if you have no Gifts that will excite him/her. A Gift that is acceptable is better than none.

A Most Favourite Gift in Grand Bazaar, as in any Harvest Moon/Rune Factory game tends to elicit a Response that is unique and one that mentions the item by name. For example, when you give Ivan Herb Perfume, he will respond:

Ivan for Herb Perfume: This is herb perfume. What? I can have it? Thank you very much. I really love how this perfume smells.

Lloyd similarly responds to his Favourite, Paella with:

Lloyd for Paella (laughing) Paella!! For me? I really love this. Thanks!

When you give an individual an Item he/she Loves, worth 150 AP/FP, he/she usually will accompany the response with a laugh or chuckle or, in Lloyd's case, an embarrassed cough. Ivan's Response for a Gift he Loves is:

Ivan for Toy Flower, any other Flower or Herb, Fried Rice Ball or Egg Rice: What? Is this for me? (with a laugh) Thank you very much.

For a Gift that is acceptable, the Character will thank you politely but will not display any outward sign of delight. Ivan's Response for a Gift that is merely acceptable:

Ivan for Chocolate Cookies: Is this for me? Thank you very much.

As you can see, the text of the two Responses Ivan makes are almost identical. What distinguishes one from the other is the delighted laugh he gives when he accepts a Gift he Loves.

Characters WILL accept Gifts that they dislike, detest or view with utter Horror. These Items have a negative AP/FP value. If any Character refuses to accept a Gift, it is because you have neglected him/her for a couple of days. This is another reason why you should meet and greet every one on a daily basis. Fortunately, the effects of Neglect dissipate fairly quickly compared to a game like Sunshine Islands where a Character could reject a Gift for six Days if you ignored him/her for a week or more.

A second Gift on any given day, however, will not be accepted, but the Character will make it clear that he/she received a Gift from you previously.

An 'Easiest Gifts' List often is very helpful in Harvest Moon/Rune Factory. The Items listed usually are not 'Most Favourite Gifts' for any of the Characters but they are Gifts that the Individual Loves and they have the advantages of being inexpensive or easy to obtain as well as being suitable for more than one Character.

Flowers are at the top of the List. In Grand Bazaar, Flowers will be accepted happily by EVERY Individual during the Flower Festival but their Responses to a Flower will differ from their ordinary Responses to a Gift of the same Flower. You therefore cannot judge a Character's true feelings about Flowers as Gifts by his/her Responses during the Flower Festival.

Another easy Gift is Insects. In the majority of cases, however, Characters will respond positively to specific types of Insects rather than Insects in general. The exceptions to this are Lloyd and Kevin who love ANY Insect. Generally, Items found when foraging are the easiest and least valuable Gifts. You cannot give them to every Character but you will find that you can give them to MOST Characters. The Cooked Dishes are Recipes that require no special Cookware.

Here is a preliminary Easiest Gifts List:

Characters who Love all Flowers: Daisy, Ivan, Emiko (+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Moondrop: Angelo, Claire, Sherry, Stuart(+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Blue Magic Flower: Lloyd, Antoinette, Ethel(+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Red Magic Flower: Dirk, Freya, Raul, Felix(+150 AP/FP)

Characters who like Flowers: Sherry, Freya, Dirk, Angelo, Mayor, Wilbur, Isaac, Claire, Ethel (+50 AP/FP)

Characters who Love all Insects: Lloyd, Kevin (+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Beetles: Dirk (+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Butterflies: Freya, Sherry, Daisy (+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Dragonflies: Cindy, Ivan (+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Fireflies: Daisy (+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Frogs: Antoinette (+150 AP/FP)
Who Love Locusts: Stuart, Felix (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Like Insects: Dirk, Angelo, Ivan, Claude (+50 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Walnuts: Angelo, Daisy, Ethel (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Chestnuts: Angelo, Daisy, Stuart, Ethel (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Sea Urchins: Claude (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Like Sea Urchins: Lloyd (+50 AP/FP)

Characters who Like Rocks: Isaac, Wilbur (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who like Branches: Isaac, Wilbur (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Fish: (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Like Fish: Claude (+50 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Chocolate: Freya, Antoinette, Daisy, Claude, Stuart (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Honey: Angelo, Daisy, Nellie, Claire (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Baked Yam: Stuart, Ethel (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Roasted Eggplant: Ivan, Stuart, Ethel (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Egg Custard: Stuart, Ethel (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Kurikinton: Angelo, Antoinette, Daisy, Stuart (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Cheesecake: Dirk, Angelo, Antoinette, Daisy, Stuart (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Milk Tea: Antoinette, Freya, Stuart, Ethel (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Straight Tea: Stuart, Ethel (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Boiled Egg: Ivan, Stuart, Ethel (+150 AP/FP)

Characters who Love Fish Stew: Felix (+150 AP/FP)

I will add to the list as I test Items on more individuals.


  1. In my game, Cindy likes red flowers. For both pink cat and red magic flowers, she has said "Thanks! I'm impressed that you know what I like."

  2. That makes sense, Rindy as she wears red. I'll test it and then add it to the Guide. Thanks!

  3. P.S. I only tested a couple of flowers on her and she didn't care for them much.

  4. You're more than welcome. Please accept my thanks for all of your guides and blogs. They have greatly enriched my gaming experience. It's obvious that you put a great deal of work into everything you publish for us HM fans. I'm awed at what you do and am honored to be able to help in some small way.

    Your love of the games comes through in everything you publish. I always know that I can trust your guides, even if I can't always live up to the playing standards you obviously have. (I tried many times to accomplish your first day in Mineral Town in my MFoMT game, and finally gave up.)

    Besides all of that, you have a wonderfully engaging prose style. When reading your guides and blogs, I always have the sense of being in a conversation with a lively, well-informed friend.

    Thanks again, and please keep them coming. And really, if there's anything I could do to help, just pm me on the Natsume forum.

    I want to highli

  5. Thanks, Farmer Rindy. I regret that I haven't had much time for the forum recently. Writing and updating the guides and these sites takes a lot of time.

  6. What about coins? People like Cindy and Dirk like coins too.