Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bazaar Dialogues

This is an excerpt from a new section added to my General Guide/Walkthrough:

The Weekly Bazaar in Grand Bazaar, apart from being the venue for many Stalls where unique items and services can be purchased, actually consists primarily of two separate Mini-Games at your Character's Stall. The first is the Selling Game. When you offer items in the three slots at your Stall, you must be quick and accurate if a Customer offers to buy them. The number of items a Customer wishes to buy will be displayed and you must press the A Button the correct number of times to fill the order. If you are too slow, the Customer will leave and you will lose the sale.

The second Mini-Game is the Reputation Mini-Game. This consists of Dialogue with a Customer. The Customer can be one of the unnamed generic Customers who attend the Weekly Bazaar or it can be one of your fellow villagers. A request for Dialogue is displayed by an icon of a little head with mouth open. You always will be given a choice of three Responses. The Response that you choose will determine whether your Reputation increases or decreases. In some cases, your Response can result in a significant profit or loss in terms of sales as well.

The following are specific Dialogues with Customers. The correct response and the result in terms of Reputation and profit or loss are included.

Hungry Customer

I... I'm so hungry i can barely move... I think I'm going to pass out...

My choices:

Take one of my items!
Oh no! Oh no!
Don't give up! You're fine!

Correct Response: Take one of my items!

R-Really? Then I'll take one of these Turnip Salad! Thank you! I'll sell it and buy myself some food!

Your rep went up a lot.

She paid nothing for it!

False Teeth Dialogue

Old man: Hey dere, couldja dell me where da laffing stall ish?

My choices:

Uh... What?
The laughing stall...?
Wrapping stall? Go left.

Correct Response: Wrapping stall? Go left.

Old man: Danks! One segond...
Ah! That's better! My false teeth fell out! No wonder no one could understand me!

Your rep went up a lot!

Lost Eyeglasses

Lady: Oh, my glasses! I can't find my glasses!

My choices now:

We don't sell glasses...
Do you need help looking?
They're on your head!

Correct Response: They're on your head!

Lady: What?! Oh, you're right! Thank you! I didn't notice them at all!

Your rep went up a lot!

Quest to Help the World

Customer: Greetings! I just have to help people out whereever I go! Therefore, I insist that I help you in any way I can!

My choices:

Thank you!
I don't need your help!
Buying something to help!

Correct Response: Thank you!
You're quite welcome! Now then... Attention, every one! This stand is the finest at the bazaar! *pant* *pant* ... How was that?

Your rep went up a lot!

If you choose: Buying something to help!

Buying something to help!

Customer: Oh, but that's terrible, trying to solve everything with money!

He goes off with cross hurt and your rep goes down.

Request for Item No.1

Customer: Hey, you there! Could you give me this Boiled Egg?

Your options:

Of course not!
Hmm... Let me think...

I said: Sure!

Oh! Thank you! I'm actually a secret critic! Just kidding! I just like getting stuff for free! Thanks!

Your Rep went up a lot!
No payment for item.

Lloyd's Fan

Customer: Oh, how cute (star) Would you give me this Egg Custard?

Your options:

Sure! Take it!
You mean for free...?
Could you buy it, please?

Correct Response: Could you buy it, please?

Customer: You got me! You win! As a reward, I'll pay double for this instead!

Your rep went up a lot!
You receive double the amount for the item.

If you chose: Sure! Take it!

Customer: Thank you! (heart) I'm so happy! (heart)
Then: Heh, that was too easy!

Customer goes off with cross hurt.

Your rep goes down a lot.

Lloyd's Fan

S-Sorry... I was wondering if you know where .... L-Lloyd was...

Your choices:

Down and to the right.
Down and to the left.
Lloyd's not here.

Correct Response: Down and to the right.

Thank you so much! I'm a very big fan of Lloyd, you see... Thakn you again! (red heart)

Your rep went up a lot!

Item Request, No. 2

Customer: Hey, I want one of these Cabbages. Can I have one?

Your choices:

Go on, take one!
And the money?
What? No way!

Correct Response: Go on, take one!

Customer: Yay! Thank you! You're the best! Bye!

Your rep went up a lot!
No payment.

Injured Child

Boy customer: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Your choices:

A-Are you okay?
Did you say something?
That's why you don't run.

Correct Response: A-Are you okay?

Boy: I-I'm fine... I'm not gonna cry, because I'm a big boy!

Your rep went up a lot!

A Nice, Long Chat

Old Man: Oh, you look just like my grandchild. Could we talk for a bit?

Your options:

I'm busy right now...
No, I can't.

Correct Response: Sure!

Old Man: Really?! Well then ................... Ah, that was a nice chat! To show my thanks, I'll buy all of your Honeycomb...

Your rep went up a lot!
You can make an enormous profit, as the Customer will buy an entire stack of items if that is the slot he chooses.

Where is Lucy?

Customer: Hey, did some one named Lucy come by here earlier?
Your choices:
Crying by the animal shop?
Who's that?
Might be at the ore stand?
Correct Response: Might be at the ore stand?
Customer: What? At the ore stand? She must be buying me a diamond or something! What a sweetheart! Lucy really is the best!
Your rep went up a lot!

I Love Lucy

Customer: hey there! We're the famous comedy duo, Lucy and Ricky! What a wonderful day for a bazaar!
Your Choices:
So you play two parts?
You're bothering me!
Ricky, where's Lucy?
Correct Response: Ricky, where's Lucy?
Customer: What?! Lucy's not here? Where did she go?! I bet she went shopping again! Come back here, Lucy! You got some 'splainin' to do!
Your rep went up a lot!

Concert Venue

Lady Customer: Ah! This must be the stage for my concert! Hello, every one! Come and listen to my performance!

Your Choices:

Hey! This is a bazaar!
You can't carry a tune!
What a beautiful voice!

Correct respons has to be: Hey! This is a bazaar!

If you respond: What a beautiful voice!

Customer: Oh, thank you! (red heart) Then I'll sing some more! La la la! La la la!
Your rep went down!

Ivan and the Lost Child

Ivan: Oh, Freya, there's a lost child...

My choices:

Who cares?
Look for their parents!
Oh no! Let's help!

Correct Response: Oh no! Let's help!

Ivan: Heh heh, calm down. It's OK. I found the parents. You really are as kind as I thought.

Your rep goes up a lot!

Ivan's Friendly Chat

Ivan: Looks like you're working hard. How are things going?

Your choices:

Not bad...

Correct Response: Great!

Ivan (laughing) Good to hear. That's the type of positive attitude I like to see.

Antoinette's Request

Antoinette: Hmm... this Piggyback Locust...

My choices:

What about it?
You can have it!
You can't have it!

Correct Response: You can have it!

If you choose: What about it?
Antoinette: Oh, nothing. Never mind...

Cross hurt: Your reputation went down

Dirk's Request

Dirk: Hmm, do I have enough for this Piggyback Locust?

My choices:
How about for half price?
You can have it for free!
Guess not!

Correct Response: How about for half price?

Dirk: What? Really? Great! Thanks!

Your rep goes up a lot!

Ivan's Request

Ivan: Could you give me a deal on this Turnip?

My choices:

For double the price?
For half price?
You can have it for free!

Correct Choice: For half price?

Ivan (laugh): Thank you. I appreciate it.

Your rep goes up a lot!

Ivan and the Seasons

Ivan: Hello, Freyja. There's something nice about the spring bazaar. I thnk it's my favourite.

Your choices:

It has a nice atmosphere.
Winter is better.
Who cares! Buy something!

Correct Response: It has a nice atmosphere.

Ivan: You think so too? That makes me happy.

Your rep went up a lot!


  1. Some other dialogues I encountered :D :

    Little Kid:

    Whoooosh! I'm an airplane!
    >Stop! That's dangerous!
    >>That's what my mom tells me all the time..
    >>Reputation went up a lot.

    Mommy? Daddy? Where are you?!
    >I'll help you find them!
    >>Thank you, Mister! Hey! There's my mom!
    >>Reputation went up a lot.
    >I'm your parent!


    The heat is pretty bad..
    >Are you OK?
    >>I was worrying about you. You always worry about others. (something like that.)
    >>Reputation went up.

    Marian's fan:

    Hello! I'm member number 317,315 of Marian's fan club! I came to see Marian, but I can't find her anywhere! Do you know where she is?
    >Go up. You'll find her.
    >>Marian! Here I come!!!
    >>Reputation went up a lot

    For the Where is Lucy event, when I said that she was crying by the animal shop, it also said my rep went up. Don't recall whether just went up or went up a lot. I also don't recall the exact dialogue, though, but either he wants to say sorry or what would Lucy do without him..

  2. Amir asked me something about the winter bazaar and I said I feel like I`m going to die and my rep went up... I don`t know what the best answer is..l :P