Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cooking Festivals in Grand Bazaar in the first Year

Cooking Festival

Cooking Festival

You will experience two Cooking Festivals in the middle of the first Autumn. By this time, your Character should have all Cookware and a decent array of Ingredients and Recipes. The Festival occurs in two consecutive days. The Theme on the first day is Entrees and the Theme on the second is Desserts.

One of the purposes of any Cooking Festival in Harvest Moon is to introduce new Dishes to players. In the first year, you are likely to see Dishes on the Table that you have not encountered at Joan's Cafe or Stall.

As with most Festivals in Grand Bazaar, the Cooking Festivals are held at noon in the Town Square. Felix presides but then announces a visiting expert judge in the person of Pierre from Sunny Island/Sunshine Islands!

It is not difficult to win 1st Prize in the Cooking Festival in Grand Bazaar. A player can cheat a little by purchasing a Cooked Dish in Multiplayer Mode but you will not win if you enter a Dish purchased from the Cafe as they are of poor quality at 1/2 Stars.

For the Entree, a simple Fish Stew of 3 1/2 Stars Quality made with a Silver Goby in a Pot won 1st Prize. The prize is a Truffle, given by Pierre.

The theme for the second Day in the Cooking Festival is Desserts in the first year. Freshness possibly is as critical in determining the quality of your Dish as the Rank or Stars that it has. With a 4 Star Pudding that was only 'fairly fresh', Freyja did not win 1st Prize, but with a 4 Star Pumpkin Pudding that was 'Super Fresh', she did. The prize if you win in both Categories is a Pink Diamond.

Incidentally, in another file, Freyja submitted a 4 Star Pudding that was 'Super Fresh' and won 1st Prize, so it was the lack of freshness rather than the choice of Dish that was significant.

In my game, Freyja won 1st Prize on both days, but a player who won only on the second day shared the information that the prize for winning only the Dessert Contest is a Tin of Blueberry Tea.

A Note about Pierre: You will be able to find Pierre at the Bazaar during the Winter Season from 2.30 p.m. or so until 5.00 p.m. Freyja caught him on the path leading from the Hotel to the Bazaar, and they conversed about the Bazaar. Searching for him during her 'break' later, she found him, not unexpectedly hovering about Joan's Stall. His Bazaar dialogues are included in the Characters Guide.


  1. If you win both contests in a row Pierre gives you a pink diamond (worth almost 50 grand at the bazaar)

  2. Yes, this information was included in my Cookbook Guide and General Guide, but I had forgotten to update this post! My Character won on both days and received the Pink Diamond as a 'special' reward in my first file. What I do not know, however, is what the prize would be if your Character lost the first day and won 1st Prize only on the 2nd day.

  3. I only entered for the dessert portion and won a can of blueberry tea from Pierre.

  4. Thank you, Anon, for providing the Blueberry Tea Tin information. I will add it to my Guide.