Sunday, August 29, 2010

Unsolved Mysteries in Grand Bazaar

Players have left a few comments on my Harvest Moon Forever site as to areas on the Map that are locked at the start of the game as well as Mining.

If you go west past Lloyd's house, you will arrive at a large pile of boulders that prevents access to the area to the north.

Once Felix gives you a Horse, you will experience an Event wherein Wilbur will clear the path and you will gain access to a racecourse. You will be able to practice racing here as well as racing your horse here in the Horse Race.

If you attempt to enter the dark area behind the Waterfall, you will see a prompt:

There's a strange power here... but nothing seems to be happening right now.

In fact, in the second year, you will encounter a new Bachelor/Eligible Girl here in the second year.

As for Mining and Ores: You cannot gain access to a Mine, as far as I know. The Small Coins that you find in the river and on the ground can be used to create metals. Ore Stones can be found in the river. They contain Ores. Lloyd sells Ores at the Bazaar. Wonderfuls exist in this game as do 'Charms' which your Character can equip.

I am exploring this game with the rest of you... I could ask obtain answers, but I think it is more fun to try to discover a little by myself. Thanks to the players who helped with this information.


  1. *spoiler*

    Uhmm.. About the waterfall next to Lloyd's house, at the second year, you can enter it and find another girl bachelorette in Emiko. :D

  2. erm i dunno if i should post this here, but on my second year during winter i went to the top left corner of the area under you farm where there is a spring barrel, i jumped on it and up there there was some ore, which gave me emerald and copper, ive seen this a few times but its only ever appeared in winter. i hope this helps

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  4. I was wondering where you could find wonderfuls

  5. oh no sorry I found it. I'm real sorry since you said it irritates you when somebody asks something that you've already stated.

  6. Hi,

    I've searched through the guides, and I may have missed this tidbit of information but since it's an unsolved mystery for me, I'm asking it here......I'm in my second year in GB and I do not know where to find "rice candy". I checked the windmill recipes, the cooked recipes, the shop lists, everywhere (my bazaar is at 75% now), and I haven't been able to find it.

    Also, a good thing to look out for during the Winter season is sparkles on the ground (not the snow sparkles, but the hidden coin sparkles). There are many more "bigger" hidden coins (i.e. copper, silver, gold) during the Winter season than the other seasons, from my own personal experience with the game.

    Thank you for your HM guides! I always find them superbly detailed and informative!

    - NeonCrucifixion

  7. Hi,

    I figured out that once you buy the dog bone and cat bell and possibly the skateboard from Felix, Felix will then sell rice cakes during the Winter season. Thanks!

    - NeonCrucifixion

  8. I don't know if you knew but you get the blue feather from Ethel and Stewart.I got mine on the 22nd of winter in my second year when i entered my house around 7:00 am. Dirk was at 7 hearts in my bookshelf and an orange heart next to his pic. Ethel and Stewart's hearts were at 5.

    Thank you for making these guides, I would be so clueless if you didn't write these!

    I found rice candy at Felix's stall in my second winter. I have already bought all the tools that he sells and the skateboard.

  9. omg I LOVE all harvest moon games

  10. Ummmm..... FReyshawk my family loves your reviws everytime my mom finds a reviw we are forced to read it... And thank you for making these gides

  11. Hi,
    I really love your guides. I watch and read them all!
    I don't understand what is the thing on the bottom right corner of your house. It is blocked by wood ontop of it. Also, I am on the second year Spring 13th.