Friday, August 27, 2010

Grand Bazaar Guide Updates

At this point in time, I am updating the Guides on this Site simply by editing the original posts. What that means is that you will see the original date on the post but the date of the actual last update will appear in the text of the guide as it does on IGN.


  1. Could you make like a... Money Making guide? XD

  2. One thing you can add to your guide, in the first year if you make the tea Felix gives to you for the festival into Matcha Tea you get cookies instead of pie.

    This is the first HM game I played so maybe this is normal, but my feed I put in storage keeps disappearing with out me using it! are the animals eating it when its still in the bag. >.< To me this is either a game glitch or a mystery...

    Also, being a starting player, it would be nice to see information on what the game means when it says 'takes two months to mature'. Does that mean 62 days or if you plant at the end of spring it will still bear fruit at fall?? I'm trying it out anyway but it was a risk for me because of that unknown!

    (PS- i love your guide~<3)

  3. Jessica, Fruit Trees are seasonal. It takes two months for them to mature but Peach Trees only bear fruit in Summer for example. The description of any Tree Seed will give details about the season when it bears fruit.

    I always have fed my Animals when they are in the barn, but I'll test what happens if I don't. If you look at the chalkboard in the barn, you'll be able to see if your Animals have eaten, by the way or if they are stressed.

  4. I misread your question about the Fruit Trees. That is variable from game to game, but let me know what happens with your Fruit Tree if you plant near the end of a season. Usually season changes are counted rather than actual days.