Friday, August 27, 2010

Random Results in Grand Bazaar

As with many Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, some options are loaded into the game randomly. Items that can be foraged are loaded randomly, which means that you can change the configuration by reloading your game. If you need a specific item and do not have it in storage, provided always that it is an item that can be found in the current season, you may be able to find it if you reload your game.

In my first two files, Cows only appeared at Enrique's Stall at the last Bazaar in Spring which prompted me to believe that they were set to appear then. In fact, in a third file, much to my delight, Cows appeared with Chicks at the very first Bazaar. The Animals that will be offered by Enrique therefore are chosen randomly by the game.

Another random result is the Menu at Joan's Cafe and her Stall at the Bazaar. Although you can create Cooked Dishes and obtain the Recipes by trial and error, if you are looking for specific cooked Dishes to give as Gifts to individuals before you have the ingredients required to make them, you can reload your game to change Joan's Menu.

Weather is another random result, but I am not certain how far in advance it is set. I believe it is set only on the prior day, but I need to confirm this. So far, in the first couple of seasons I have not found any one who predicts the Weather in Zephyr Town.

One more random result exists with respect to the Ore Stones found in the river. The result is loaded into the game at the moment that you hit the Ore Stone with your hammer. It is advisable, therefore, to wait until 6.00 a.m. to smash any Ore Stones in your possession. If the item contains nothing but Scrap Metal, you can reload your game and try again without wasting any energy or time.

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  1. Some dishes in the cafe you unlock after a certain date.