Friday, October 22, 2010

New Year Celebrations and Rice Candy in Grand Bazaar

This information is included in my General Guide but as a player had asked about Rice Candy in Grand Bazaar, I decided to create a separate post about it.

Rice Candy or Rice Cakes are traditional Year End or New Year items in Harvest Moon but in Grand Bazaar, although Rice Candy will be found at Felix's Stall at the end of the Winter Season even in the first year, the actual New Year's Eve Celebration in the Square does not feature Rice Candy, nor will you be able to take any leftovers home with you.

Unlike many Harvest Moon games, the only Shop in Zephyr Town will remain open during Festivals and indeed, poor Raul never joins any of the celebrations. New Year's Day on 1 Spring is not a Festival in Grand Bazaar, dispensing with the difficult situation in many past Harvest Moon games wherein it was impossible to purchase animal supplies for two days at least during the New Year celebrations.

The sole celebration occurs at night after 8.00 p.m. You will be sent to bed immediately afterwards, so make certain that you complete all your Winter activities (in the form of Winter fishing, collecting Snowballs and so on) before you tell Felix that you are ready to begin the Festival.

Felix sells plain Rice Candy at his Stall, but you may find Toasted Rice Candy as well as Soy Milk and Soybean dishes at Claire's Stall in Grand Bazaar.

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