Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Blue Feather in Grand Bazaar

Other players had reported that they were unable to marry in the first year in Grand Bazaar. In my own first file, although Bachelors were at Orange Heart early in Winter in the first year, it was only on the first day of Spring in the second year that Freyja received a visit from Ethel and Stuart when she re-entered her house.

??? Are you home, Freyja?
??? We're coming in, dear.

Me: ?
Staurt and Etehel enter.

Sorry to bother you, but it's very important. I'll cut to the chase. (Ahahn...) You're in love, right?

Me: (...)

Ethel: Don't deny it. It's written all over your face, dear.

I nod.

Stuart (ha ha ha) I knew it! We're so good at this.

Ethel: Tee hee.

Stuart: You're thinking about proposing, right?

Me: (!)

Start: We brought you something to help out with that.

Me: (?)

Ethel: It's a blue feather. You give it to some one to propose to them.

Stuart: This is the one I gave Ethel. It certainly brought us a lot of happiness. Just make sure you give it to the right person.

Ethel walks to my side slowly and presents me with a Blue Feather, then returns to stand beside her husband.

Stuart: The feather won't do it all. You have to have a good relationship with the person and their friends and family.

Ethel: I'm sure you can do it, Freyja.

Stuart: Well, we'll be on our way now. Good luck!

Freyja (with music)

The fact that both Stuart and Ethel pass on the Blue Feather that made their own marriage possible is rather charming. Note that Stuart clearly states that 'you have to have a good relationship with the person and their friends and family'. The specific individuals who must have at least three hearts when you are courting any Eligible Girl or Bachelor is included in my Courtship and Marriage Guide.

Later: Thanks to the player who reported that Stuart and Ethel made the visit at zero Hearts. The only requirement then is the traditional Harvest Moon requirement that at least one Bachelor or Eligible Girl must be at Orange Heart Level in order to obtain the Blue Feather.


  1. It's me!! I have 0 heart with them,but they give me the feather.
    Thyat day I gave Ivan a flower and his heart turn orange.I came home,but there is a guest...or two!The couple gave me the feather!!I do believe you just need raise the heart of the Bachelor to orange for the feather!!~_~

  2. Hey there! Ethel and Stuart were at one heart each for me. They still delivered the feather.

  3. Thank you very much, Anonymous. That was precisely what I needed to hear from some one!

  4. Hi uhm the person i'm going to give the blue feather to (Dirk) is already at red <3 level and i have purchased the bigger sized bed at the bazaar. When i give the feather to dirk he says "A feather? Wheres the rest of the bird! Just kidding. Hahah"

  5. Karina, if an Eligible Bachelor or Girl does not accept your Blue Feather, it is because you have not met ALL requirements for marriage. In Grand Bazaar, you must have the Big Bed, have experienced all four Heart Events and, where Dirk is concerned, have 3 Hearts with his brother Ivan. Having some one at deepest red heart is only one of the requirements. This information is included in my Grand Bazaar Guides.

  6. Uwah!!!! Angelo is at full hearts right? You know, as red as red can get? Well...he still won't accept the blue feather!!! And I can't figure out why!!! Dx Is it because his 3rd and 4th heart events weren't triggered? Whenever I try to give hm it all he says is "Wow! What a beautiful feather!" And it's past year 2 spring 12. Do you have any idea why he won't accept it? ;~;

    *sobs in the corner of despair*

  7. They don't give you the feather until second year because you can only propose in year 2 or later.

  8. When i try to give my blue feather to Angelo, he just says "awwww what a beautiful feather"
    pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase help me!

  9. Anonymous, this is because you have not met all Requirements for marriage to Angelo. Please see my Courtship and Marriage Guide.

  10. Anonymous, you MUST experience all Heart Events before your Blue Feather will be accepted. There are additional requirements in Grand Bazaar where certain individuals are concerned, to the effect that family members or people who are considered almost family must have specific heart levels as well.